Clients’ comments

“...Very flexible, easy to work with, an excellent report”

“...Everyone involved from Berring impressed by their professionalism  and commitment to the project.  We gained appreciably from the managerial perspective upon which the research was designed and executed.”
AB, Veterans Agency

“...We were very pleased with the project and the report.  In particular we felt that the report went further than we expected giving excellent value for money.”
JM, Department for Work and Pensions

“...Berring were as enthusiastic as ever and up to speed with the issues so quickly”
SC, Department of Health

“...Very good. Pleasant people to deal with and delivered as promised”
IF, Department of Health

“...Berring’s ability to identify key issues in our helpline processes and quality of service to employers, clearly demonstrates the advantages of bringing a management consultancy perspective to our customer research”
HC, Inland Revenue

“...The outcome, particularly in setting the framework for improving the management of the 20 business units and the customer mapping, is making a significant contribution to our giving a better service to the NHS and to our accountability for the money we spend on it”
TC, Medical Devices Agency

“...The review has provided a sound foundation for further development of our helpline services”
JP, Ofsted

“..Berring’s consultants deserve a box 1 - we learnt so much”
WD, National Assembly for Wales

...Excellent quality delivered on time.  Very pleasant staff!”

“...Berring bring an in-depth understanding of the call centre business and particularly its application to public sector services”
GA, Inland Revenue

“...I very much enjoyed working with Berring, whom I found unfailingly helpful and professional”
JM, Guildford Borough Council

“...The final report and interim presentations were thoroughly workmanlike and well focused.  All the issues were addressed and provided reliable data on the activities and supporting structure. The material was well presented and easy to read. We were impressed by the degree of contact and liaison with the division under review which ensured the final report was fully endorsed and supported at all levels.”
BL, Cabinet Office

“...Following their post-contracting out review of two major national helpline services, Berring’s extensive recommendations have led to major improvements in service performance of the external service provider”
NR, Department of Health

“...Very satisfied”

“...Berring bring a clarity of thinking which turns our broad ideas into sound proposals for the way forward. The surveys have provided excellent in-depth information on the performance of our services and the needs of our customers, backed with very sound advice.”
JL, Inland Revenue

“..This is probably the most comprehensive report on telecoms services throughout the NHS. It provides an excellent understanding of service weaknesses together with detailed benchmarks to assist Trusts improve their standards of service. It is an invaluable document which I recommend to all Trusts.”
CJ, NHS Telecoms

“...Excellent, professionally handled, sound advice, a well conducted survey”
JH, Inland Revenue

“...The project was well-researched, professionally undertaken and gave us plenty of information and recommendations”
CM, Department of Health