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Call centre consulting

Training for agents, supervisors and managers

Typical issues faced by call centre management:


Do our agents use current best-practice in their call-handling?


Are our agents delivering to our standards?


Is the information provided appropriate and correct?


Are calls are handled efficiently?


Are our agents courteous and helpful?


Are our customers' needs being met in full?


Can we use customer service strengths to increase service uptake?


How can we understand more of our customers' needs and their service preferences?


Are our agents resolving and handling conflict well with the customer?


How can we support our agents in managing stress?


How can we build team work and develop a learning organisation?

Our training consultants work with you to answer these and many other questions and provide your agents, supervisors, trainers and managers with the competencies essential for a leading call centre service.  Key areas are:

Sector competencies

People competencies

Internal performance and quality